Welcome to the Lendy Action Group
The Lendy Action Group was formed by a group of concerned investors to provide support and information to those affected by the collapse of the Lendy P2P platform.

Goals of the Lendy Action Group:

1. To act as a point of support and provide co-ordination, news and information to Lendy investors affected by their collapse.
2. To work collectively to recover our investment. We are many but dispersed – together we become strong.
3. To be a voice for lenders to the administrators, regulators and press.
4. To explore potential opportunities for further actions if required and legal basis can be defined for such.

How can I join the Lendy Action Group?:

1. Join more than 850 Lendy investors in our Facebook Group: HERE

2. Sign up for news and updates on our website by clicking the SIGN UP button at the bottom of this page.